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With the THC drug test , the consumption of hashish, cannabis and marijuana can be detected by means of a urine sample.

The package contains 2 test units.

Procedure for THC drug test:

Take the THC drug test cassette out of the packaging and use the enclosed pipette to add 3 drops of urine to the well “S”. The result can be read off the test cassette after approx. 3 – 5 minutes.

Please refer to the package insert for the exact procedure.

Additional information about the THC rapid test:

  • Sensitivity (cut-off): 25ng / ml
  • Detection time: approx. 5 days, with regular use up to several weeks
  • Detectable substances: THC (marijuana, hemp (cannabis), hashish)

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Things to know about the THC drug test:

THC and its breakdown products can be detected simply and easily with this drug test. The result of whether THC was consumed as a drug can be read off within minutes and the drug consumption can thus be confirmed. Especially with regular cannabis consumption, the traceability can be extended to several weeks.

THC is most commonly ingested in the form of cannabis smoking. A distinction is made between the resin, the so-called hashish, and the classic flower, the marijuana. Probably the best-known recording is smoking a joint, which describes the mix of cannabis with tobacco.

The reliability of the THC rapid test is very high, mainly because the body converts the THC into THC carboxylic acid. This conversion into metabolites has an enormously long half-life, which in turn means that the THC carboxylic acid can be detected in the urine even weeks later with regular consumption.

Our urine-based THC tests determine the THC carboxylic acid. Even a one-time THC consumption can be detected 36 hours later.


Also available as an individual THC test.

ISO certified manufacturer: Hangzhou Clongene Biotech Co., Ltd. (DIN EN ISO 13485)

Certificate TÜV Rheinland

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