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HIV Selbsttest (Speichel)
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OraQuick ist der erste und einzige HIV-Selbsttest weltweit, der mit Speichel funktioniert. Einfache Testung ohne Schmerzen und ohne Blut.

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THC Drogenschnelltest
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Einstufiger THC Drogenschnelltest (Urin) für Cannabis, Haschisch & Marihuana.

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Opiate Drogentest
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Einstufiger Drogenschnelltest (Urin) zur Erkennung von Opiaten (Heroin, Morphin)

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Kokain Drogentest
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Einstufiger Drogenschnelltest (Urin) zur Erkennung von Kokain.

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Drug tests and rapid medical tests

Rapid drug tests are diagnostic tests that are used to quickly and easily detect drugs or drug metabolites in a person’s body. These tests are widely used and are used in various contexts, including medical, professional, legal, and personal settings. 

Our drug test reliably detects drugs and their degradation products and is easy and safe to use. The various drug tests provide immediate results on numerous drugs such as cannabis (THC), cocaine, speed, methamphetamine, heroin, benzos, and other intoxicants and narcotics. You can find an overview of all our drug tests

Information on drug tests

Areas of application of rapid drug tests:

  • Medical Use: Rapid drug tests can be used in medical practice to screen patients for the use of prescription or illicit drugs, which can be helpful in diagnosing and treating medical conditions.
  • Professional context: Many companies require their employees to undergo drug testing, especially in safety-critical industries such as transportation, aviation, and healthcare. This serves to ensure safety in the workplace and to minimise possible liability risks.
  • Legal matters: Rapid drug tests are often used in legal procedures, such as court hearings, probation monitoring and in the prison system, to ensure that people do not use drugs when prohibited by law.
  • Private use: Rapid drug tests are mainly used in the private sphere to check oneself or relatives for possible drug use, especially if addiction problems are in the foreground.

Types of measurements for rapid drug tests:

  • Urine tests: The most common method is the analysis of urine samples. These tests can respond to a variety of drugs and their metabolites. They are easy and safe to perform.
  • Saliva tests: These tests analyze the chemical traces of drugs in saliva. Saliva tests are less invasive than urine samples and offer faster results.
  • Hair tests: Hair samples can be analyzed for drug residues over a longer period of time, allowing for retrospective investigation. They are cost-intensive and must be carried out in specific laboratories.

Contrary to the widespread assumption that the substance of the drug itself is tested, only its conversion products are detected in or on the body. Drug tests or drug screenings are often used not only by private individuals, but also by institutions, the police, authorities and companies to confirm the suspicion of drug use.

A person who has tested positive with a rapid drug test justifies further examinations and test procedures in order to be able to confirm drug use beyond doubt. The rapid drug test is suitable for identifying individual substances or groups of substances.

Importance of drug tests:

  • Safety at work: In professional contexts, especially in safety-critical industries, drug testing is critical to preventing accidents caused by drug use and ensuring the safety of employees and the public.
  • Legal consequences: In the legal field, drug tests help monitor probation conditions and can play a role in identifying drug abuse in criminal matters.
  • Health risks: Substance abuse can cause serious health problems, from acute poisoning to long-term health damage. Drug tests can help identify use and offer help at an early stage.

Dangerousness of drugs:

  • Drugs can cause serious health problems, including addiction, mental disorders, physical health damage, and even death.
  • In a professional context, drug use can affect a person’s ability to work safely and responsibly, which can lead to accidents and injuries.
  • In the private sphere, substance abuse can lead to relationship problems, financial difficulties, and a general loss of quality of life.

Rapid drug tests are therefore an important tool to monitor drug use, ensure safety and help people identify addiction problems and find support. They play a crucial role in various areas of life, both at work and in the personal environment, in minimizing the negative effects of substance abuse.

Possible substances or groups of substances that can be identified with a drug test: cannabis (THC), methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, cocaine, opiates and others. The drug test single test strips are easy to use, safe, inexpensive and can be used anywhere without preparation. Depending on the substance, the amount required for the drug detectability in body fluids is about 20 – 300 ng. This is also called the “cut-off values“.

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